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App Marketplace Strategy

Five key attributes of high quality app marketplace listings

I've had a lot of conversations over the years with partners looking for real-life examples of high-quality App Marketplace listings. One of my favourites is HubSpot App Partner, OrgChartHub.

The Pareto Principle Applied to Platform Ecosystems

I've grown fond of comparing platform economies with real world economies. "Platforms" are fairly abstract things - intangible for most - so relating them with familiar concepts and principles makes them easier to understand.

Threads vs Metaverse: habits, not technology, make a Platform

It's been fun to watch the growth of Threads. Earning 20% of the weekly active user base of Twitter within two weeks is impressive, even for Zuck.

App Marketplace News

Heedjy brings ecosystem-as-a-service to SaaS startups

Most successful B2B SaaS businesses encounter the "buy it or build it" dilemma as they amass enough integrations to warrant an app marketplace. Heedjy hope to make "buy" the default option.

App Marketplace News

Shopify paid out $561m to app developers in 2022

Shopify's latest investor overview "Leading the future of commerce" just dropped, and features some eyewateringly good numbers for their developer ecosystem.

App Marketplace News

GitHub Copilot generates up to 46% of all code (but you're not out of a job)

In a blog post announcing GitHub Copilot for Business, some pretty incredible stats were sprinkled around. 46% of all code created using GitHub Copilot is accepted by developers across all programming languages. That's up from 27% in June of last year.

An Embarrassing Oversight Helped Create Facebook's $167billion Mobile Advertising Business

Half-way through 2012, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that Facebook was doing a MySpace. In other words, Facebook was on a fast path to slow, painful decline.

App Marketplace Strategy

On True App Marketplaces, Nobody Knows You're A Dog

In July 1993 cartoonist Peter Steiner sat at his desk, trying to think of a clever caption for one of many cartoons he created for the New Yorker.