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The HubSpot App Partner Program: Why We Eliminated Tiers

When I joined HubSpot in November 2018 to lead the HubSpot Connect Partner Program, Scott Brinker had a pretty big initial "ask" for me - could I redesign the program to match our vision for a bigger, better Platform Ecosystem? "HubSpot Connect" launched in 2017 with 65 partners would exceed 200 partners by late 2018. Growing fast, set to grow faster.

Do Marketplaces Really Drive 15% of B2B Partner Leads?

Partnership Leaders just released The State of Partnership Leaders 2024 report. As always, it's packed full of incredible insights and actionable data. Yet, one statistic stood out for me more than most - 15% of respondents stated they primarily generate leads for their partners through Marketplace/Directory listings.

Partner Program Design

How to Make Your First Tech (ISV, Integration, API, Product, Platform) Partnerships Hire

I know the title isn't elegant. But the complexity of it reflects a real challenge for SaaS leaders: where to start when hiring someone to manage integration-focused partnerships.

App Marketplace Strategy

Cycle acquire 80% of their customers through App Marketplaces. Here's how.

Cycle's founder Mehdi Boudoukhane recently sat down with Anna Nadeina, Head of Growth for, to chat about Cycle's journey. He also shared some of the drivers behind their impressive growth. App Marketplaces are a key part of this strategy.

App Marketplace Strategy

Always be launching (in App Marketplaces)

Once your listing has dropped off that "newly added" list on the homepage of each App Marketplace, how can you stay top of mind with potential customers?

Saturated ecosystems are a myth

Around 2013, a few years after Facebook launched our Ads API, we started to hear concerning feedback from some of our earliest partners. The stakes were high - they needed to protect what they could.

App Marketplace Strategy

Make it hard for Platform Partnerships teams to ignore you

There's a common misperception that App Marketplaces and their partner ecosystems are small, elite clubs. This couldn't be further from the truth.

App Marketplace Strategy

Sell the way platform customers like to buy

In early 2019, during my first few months at HubSpot, we held a "Connect Partner Day" at our HQ in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Unfortunately some of our partners were not very happy.