Yotpo Integrations & App Market

Partner Program Summary

The Yotpo Integration Partners Program is designed to establish synergies between Yotpo and leading e-commerce platforms, systems, and tools. The partner program invites collaborators to build integrations that help mutual customers leverage Yotpo's e-commerce marketing platform to its full potential, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.

Integration Requirements

Integrators looking to build on the Yotpo platform must first register a new application. This involves providing detailed information about the application, specifying the type of app, and submitting OAuth2 credentials. All integrations must conform to Yotpo's API usage policies, maintain high standards of quality, and offer a value proposition that aligns with Yotpo's core services and customer needs.

Listing Requirements

For app listings in Yotpo's marketplace, requirements include providing detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and videos that showcase the app's functionality and benefits. Images should meet the specified size and format criteria. Any pricing information for the app or service must be transparent and published within the listing to ensure clarity for potential users of the integration.