Webflow Apps

Partner Program Summary

The Webflow App Partner Program is designed for developers and agencies aiming to build apps and integrations for the Webflow ecosystem. Participants in the program are provided with the resources and support they need to create valuable and compliant applications that extend Webflow's core capabilities, leveraging the platform's API for custom functionality.

Integration Requirements

To build an integration for Webflow, developers must register their application through the Webflow developer portal. This process includes specifying the app’s name, description, and the OAuth2 redirect URIs. It is requisite for developers to adhere to OAuth2 standards for authentication and ensure their app follows the necessary security protocols to safeguard Webflow users' data.

Listing Requirements

For an app to be listed on the Webflow App Marketplace, developers must provide several types of images to meet the visual guidelines. This includes a thumbnail image (1280x720 pixels), a featured image (2400x1600 pixels), and additional screenshots showcasing the app's functionality. Images should be in PNG or JPG format. If a video is used to illustrate the app, it must be submitted as a YouTube or Vimeo link. Additionally, pricing information for the app must be transparent and clearly stated within the listing to inform potential users of any costs associated with the app or its features.