Stripe App Marketplace

Partner Program Summary

Stripe's Partner Program is designed for companies and developers who wish to build and scale their business on top of Stripe's suite of products. As a partner, you gain access to cutting-edge tools, documentation, and resources that allow you to create powerful integrations for Stripe users. Partners can grow their reach and revenue, receiving support in marketing their apps and services to Stripe's user base while staying up-to-date with Stripe's ever-evolving platform.

Integration Requirements

For successful integration into the Stripe App Marketplace, developers need to ensure their applications are secure, follow Stripe's UI patterns, handle errors gracefully, and are responsive for an optimal user experience. Apps are required to use Stripe's API and should not impact the performance of the Stripe Dashboard. Each app must also go through a review and testing process to ensure it meets Stripe's standards.

Listing Requirements

Listing in the Stripe App Marketplace requires detailed information to ensure a clear description of the app's functionality. Visuals are a critical part of a listing, where images must be in PNG or JPG format with a recommended resolution of 1280x640 pixels. Stripe's documentation outlines specific practices to create high-quality screenshots suitable for the marketplace. Videos and animated GIFs can capture a user's attention, but they must be of high quality and serve the purpose of explaining the app's features or benefits. Furthermore, all listings must include clear and transparent pricing information, so users understand any costs associated with the app or service before installing it.