Stamped Integrations

Partner Program Summary

The Stamped App Partner Program is designed for agencies, developers, and experts in ecommerce who are interested in leveraging Stamped's solutions to grow their business. The program offers a variety of benefits including the potential for new revenue streams, special partner pricing, and dedicated support. Partners are enabled to deliver added value to their clients by integrating with Stamped’s suite of tools focused on reviews, ratings, loyalty, and more.

Integration Requirements

Integrating with Stamped requires following specific guidelines set out in their publicly available documentation. Partners are expected to use the Stamped API to create seamless experiences that complement Stamped's ecosystem. To get started, developers should become familiar with the API's capabilities and authentication procedures.

Listing Requirements

For listing an app on the Stamped marketplace, there are detailed requirements outlined in their listing documentation. This includes providing high-quality images that clearly represent the app. In addition, any app listing should include comprehensive yet succinct information about its functionality, benefits, and pricing. Pricing information for the app or integration should be transparent and available within the marketplace listing for the benefit of potential customers.