Salesloft Marketplace

Partner Program Summary

The Salesloft Technology Partner Program is designed for businesses that wish to build integrations with the Salesloft platform. Partners can leverage the program to create apps that enhance the functionality of Salesloft and provide additional value to mutual customers. The partnership offers co-marketing opportunities and involves providing the solution to Salesloft customers directly through the Salesloft App Directory.

Integration Requirements

To integrate with the Salesloft platform, partners must follow specific guidelines. The integration should provide clear value to Salesloft users, must not compromise user data security or the stability of the Salesloft platform, and should adhere to all API usage requirements. Partners are expected to support and maintain their integrations, keeping them up-to-date with any changes in the Salesloft platform.

Listing Requirements

App listings in the Salesloft Marketplace require specific types of images. The primary logo should be 250x250 pixels in .png or .jpg format, and additional screenshots or images need to be 700x700 pixels suitable for a web display. If providing a video, it should be hosted on a service like Vimeo or YouTube, and the link to the video should be provided in the listing. As for pricing information, the Salesloft marketplace requires partners to provide any necessary pricing details directly on their listing to inform potential users.