RingCentral App Gallery

Partner Program Summary

The RingCentral App Partner Program is designed to facilitate independent software vendors (ISVs) in creating apps and integrations that extend the capabilities of the RingCentral platform. The partner program provides the tools, support, and resources necessary for partners to develop, promote, and manage their apps successfully. Partners benefit from co-marketing opportunities and gain access to RingCentral's customer base, increasing the visibility of their solutions.

Integration Requirements

To integrate with RingCentral, developers must follow the comprehensive guide available in their publicly accessible documentation. This includes building the application using the RingCentral APIs, adhering to best practices in software development, ensuring security measures are in place, and maintaining a consistent user experience that complements RingCentral's offerings.

Listing Requirements

In RingCentral's App Gallery, app listings require specific types of images, including logos, tiles, and screenshots, to represent the app effectively. The images must be in PNG or JPEG format. Logos must be 100x100 pixels, while the promotional tile image size is 746x400 pixels. Moreover, developers can include a video in their listing to showcase their app's features or functionality effectively. Additionally, if the app involves a subscription service or one-time purchase, the pricing information must be transparently published on the app listing, providing potential users with clear cost expectations before they download or subscribe to the service.