Realwear App Marketplace

Partner Program Summary

RealWear’s App Partner Program is a collaborative ecosystem designed for partners to develop, integrate, and promote software applications compatible with RealWear's wearable technology. The program provides resources, tools, and support to ensure the success of the partner's application in the industrial sector, emphasizing hands-free operations enabled by voice control. Partners in the program gain access to marketing opportunities, technical support, and the potential to reach RealWear’s customer base.

Integration Requirements

Applications intended for the RealWear wearable devices must adhere to UX guidelines that ensure a hands-free user experience. Key considerations for integrations include voice navigation, minimalistic design, glanceable content, and audio cues. The user interface must be optimized for the display limitations of head-mounted devices and designed to be operated entirely by voice commands in noisy industrial environments.

Listing Requirements

To list an app on the RealWear App Marketplace, developers must provide specific graphical assets. Required images include a logo, screenshots of the app, and a featured banner (1024px by 500px, JPEG or PNG format). Product demonstration videos are recommended (in MP4 format, preferably).