Prolific Marketplace

Partner Program Summary

The Prolific Partner Program is designed to establish synergies between Prolific and businesses that offer complementary services such as apps, integrations, platforms, and tools. Partnerships aim to enhance both partners' offerings, providing mutual benefits through collaboration. The partnership offers opportunities to gain exposure, connect with Prolific's user base, and collaborate on joint marketing initiatives.

Integration Requirements

Integrations with Prolific must adhere to their comprehensive API requirements. The API allows for the creation of studies, adding participants, and managing funds. Integrators must ensure that data privacy and security standards are maintained and that their applications are compatible with Prolific's robust user and data management system.

Listing Requirements

In listing applications on the Prolific App Marketplace, certain presentation standards must be met, including the provision of high-quality images that meet the size and format specifications set by Prolific. As pricing is a critical factor for users, if required, accurate and updated pricing information must be included within the app listing, ensuring transparency and aiding in the decision-making process for prospective clients.