Notion Integration Gallery

Partner Program Summary

The Notion Technology Partner Program is designed to support and showcase the integrations and apps built by developers that extend and enhance the functionality of Notion. Partners in the program have the opportunity to reach millions of users and grow their presence within the Notion ecosystem. The program offers technical support, co-marketing opportunities, and other benefits to help partners succeed.

Integration Requirements

Developers aiming to build Notion integrations must adhere to requirements detailed in their publicly available documentation. Integrations should fulfill a clear use case for Notion users, maintain high standards of performance and security, and comply with API rate limits. It’s crucial that they respect user privacy and data protection laws. Developers must also create an integration token for authentication and are responsible for the maintenance and support of their integrations.

Listing Requirements

As per the listing requirements, developers must submit details about their integrations through a form provided by Notion, which includes a name, description, and logo for the integration. They must also provide screenshots. They should ideally showcase the integration's capabilities and user interface. Regarding pricing, developers have discretion over whether to disclose this within their listings.