Netlify Integrations

Partner Program Summary

Netlify's App Partner Program is designed for technology partners who wish to build integrations with the Netlify platform. As a part of this program, partners gain the opportunity to connect their services to a growing community of developers who use Netlify for their web projects. This partnership enables technology vendors to be featured in the Netlify integrations directory, thus increasing visibility and providing joint marketing opportunities.

Integration Requirements

To build an integration with Netlify, partners must first familiarize themselves with the Netlify SDK, which facilitates building add-ons and other integrations. These integrations can then be made available to all Netlify users, providing extended functionality such as additional services or improved workflows. The SDK documentation provides guidance for creating integrations that are secure, user-friendly, and maintain high-performance standards.

Listing Requirements

For an integration to be listed in the Netlify App Marketplace, certain requirements must be met. The documentation stipulates that partners must provide a set of images for their listing. These images include a card image with the dimensions of 206x206 pixels (PNG or JPG format), and detailed screenshots showcasing the integration's features. Pricing information, if relevant to the integration, must also be clear and transparent, ensuring that users are well-informed regarding any potential costs associated with the use of the integration.