MoEngage App Marketplace

Partner Program Summary

The MoEngage Partner Ecosystem is designed to collaborate with technology and solution partners to extend the capabilities of MoEngage's offerings. Partners can integrate their technology to build synergy with MoEngage, amplify solution value, and accelerate mutual growth. The ecosystem allows partners to leverage co-marketing opportunities and gain access to resources that support joint success.

Listing Requirements

To list an app on the MoEngage App Marketplace, partners must provide several specific types of images and adhere to detailed specifications. They are required to submit a logo that should be 200x200 pixels in .png format with a transparent background. Besides the logo, a 600x400 pixels thumbnail image in .png or .jpeg format which visually represents the app integration is required. There should also be a header image with dimensions of 1536x768 pixels in .png or .jpeg format. Regarding videos, if available, they must be uploaded on a public platform like YouTube or Vimeo, and the URL should be shared with the MoEngage team. Pricing information, if applicable, should be transparently listed, ensuring potential customers can make informed decisions about the cost of the app or service.