Mixpanel Integrations

Partner Program Summary

Mixpanel's App Partner Program is designed to cultivate a collaborative ecosystem of technology partners who integrate their solutions with Mixpanel's analytics platform. By becoming a partner, companies can extend the functionality of Mixpanel for their users, create synergy between the tools, and leverage co-marketing opportunities provided by the partnership. The program may include companies from various sectors, including CRM, marketing automation, data warehousing, and customer support, using Mixpanel's capabilities to analyze, measure, and engage customers.

Integration Requirements

For integration with Mixpanel, partners are expected to follow specific technical requirements to ensure compatibility and function. While detailed requirements can vary, partners generally need to adhere to API guidelines, maintain the quality of the integration, and ensure it adds value to the Mixpanel user experience. Such integrations might involve event tracking, user profile enhancements, or data import/export between Mixpanel and the partner's application.

Listing Requirements

When submitting an application for listing on the Mixpanel App Marketplace, there are several requirements partners must follow. Each listing typically needs to include information such as a clear description of the app's functionality, benefits, and how it integrates with Mixpanel. Visual elements like logos and screenshots are a part of the listing. Developers should ensure that their submissions comply with any additional guidelines provided by Mixpanel during the application process.