Miro Apps Marketplace

Partner Program Summary

Miro's Partner Program fosters collaboration between Miro and businesses who want to build integrations or apps that complement the Miro ecosystem. As a part of this program, partners gain access to resources and support to create products that can enhance the productivity and creativity of teams using Miro. The program encourages innovation and addresses various customer needs through these partnerships, thereby extending the functionality and reach of the Miro platform.

Integration Requirements

Integrations must provide compelling user experiences and add significant value to the Miro experience. They are required to follow security best practices and ensure data protection compliance. Before starting the integration process, partners must submit an application detailing the use case for their integration. The onboarding process involves multiple stages where the app is tested and reviewed to ensure it meets Miro's criteria and standards.

Listing Requirements

For listing an app in the Miro Marketplace, partners need to provide specific images, including a logo (SVG format), cover (2400x1600 px, JPG or PNG), and thumbnails. Each graphical element needs to meet quality and content guidelines outlined by Miro. Additionally, there are requirements for a clear and concise app description, a detailed guide for users on how to use the app, and a link to the app's privacy policy. As for videos, partners can include a promotional video that showcases their app's functionality. If there are subscription fees or any costs associated with the app, this pricing information should be disclosed transparently in the listing.