Mailerlite Integrations

Partner Program Summary

MailerLite's App Partner Program is designed for third-party developers, freelancers, and agencies who want to create integrations and apps that complement MailerLite's email marketing platform. The program aims to empower partners to build solutions that enhance the functionality for MailerLite customers. As a partner, you get benefits such as technical support, co-marketing opportunities, and exposure to MailerLite's user base.

Integration Requirements

The integration requirements for MailerLite state that developers must use the MailerLite API to build their integrations. To access the API, developers need to create an account on MailerLite and generate an API key. The integrations must follow the guidelines outlined in the API documentation to ensure compatibility and reliability.

Listing Requirements

The listing requirements for MailerLite's App Marketplace specify that partners need to provide a detailed description, logo, and images for their app or integration. Images should ideally be 600x400px in size, in PNG or JPEG format. Partners are encouraged to provide comprehensive details about the functionality of their integration. Furthermore, the listing should include pricing information if the app or integration has a cost associated with its use.