Linear Integrations

Partner Program Summary

Linear's App Partner Program, detailed in their Integration Directory, enables developers to build integrations that interact with Linear's issue tracking and project management tools. This program provides APIs for building integrations that add functionality or connect Linear with other services. While the publicly available documentation doesn't specify materials like images or videos directly associated with the Partner Program itself, it showcases an environment aimed at expanding Linear's utility through third-party applications.

Integration Requirements

To create integrations with Linear, developers must adhere to the authentication protocols detailed in Linear's OAuth documentation. The integration must be secure and reliably maintain the user's data privacy. The requirements specify the need for utilizing OAuth for user authentication to ensure that integrations operate seamlessly within Linear's ecosystem. Other technical specifics, such as API rate limits and best practices, are dictated to ensure a seamless user experience and application functionality.

Listing Requirements

Linear's listing requirements for integrations are outlined in a Google Form that captures information about the integration, such as the name, a description, and other relevant details.