Klaviyo Integrations

Partner Program Summary

The Klaviyo Technology Partner Program is designed for software companies that wish to build integrations with Klaviyo's platform, enhancing both their own offerings and the functionality of Klaviyo. By becoming a partner, companies gain access to Klaviyo resources and support, co-marketing efforts, and the potential to reach a broader customer base through the Klaviyo ecosystem.

Integration Requirements

For a successful integration with Klaviyo, partners must offer clear value to mutual customers, maintain a quality user experience, ensure the integration is secure, stable, and maintains data privacy standards. Moreover, it should adhere to Klaviyo’s API guidelines and tap into the Klaviyo ecosystem without replicating existing functionality unless it provides significant additional value.

Listing Requirements

For listing an app in the Klaviyo Marketplace, certain requirements must be met, including providing a detailed description of the integration, a logo, and a clear, easy-to-follow setup guide. High-quality images of the app and a demonstration video are recommended for a comprehensive listing. The imagery should be professionally presented, with the suitable size and format. If there's a cost associated with the app or integration, this pricing information must be transparently published in the listing, allowing potential users to make informed decisions.