HubSpot App Marketplace

Partner Program Summary

The HubSpot App Partner Program is designed for software companies seeking to build and grow their integrations with HubSpot. The program offers technical support, co-marketing opportunities, and potential lead sharing to help partners succeed. App partners can deepen their integration with HubSpot, increase their visibility in the HubSpot ecosystem, and leverage co-marketing efforts to drive mutual success.

Integration Requirements

To integrate with HubSpot, apps must offer compelling functionality that solves a customer need and aligns with HubSpot’s aim of building a connected CRM platform. The app must use OAuth for authentication, be stable and secure, display accurate information, streamline the setup process, and provide clear documentation and support. Any issues flagged during the review must be resolved promptly.

Listing Requirements

The listing of apps in the HubSpot App Marketplace requires certain visual assets and information. Images must include a detailed logo image with a minimum size of 1000x1000 pixels and a listing card image that’s 600x400 pixels, both in PNG or JPEG format. If including a video, it should be in MP4 format, and ideally 1920x1080 resolution. Videos should be hosted on an approved site, like YouTube or Vimeo. Pricing information, if applicable, is required to be transparent and accessible to users, ensuring they understand the cost associated with the app or integration before installation.