Gusto App Directory

Partner Program Summary

The Gusto App Partner Program is designed for developers and companies who wish to build integrations with Gusto's platform, enhancing payroll, benefits, and HR experiences. Gusto provides a developer portal with resources for partners to build and list their apps, supporting companies to integrate their software and gain visibility among Gusto's customers. The program aims to foster a collaborative ecosystem, streamlining processes such as onboarding and employee management.

Integration Requirements

To integrate with Gusto's platform, partners must ensure their applications provide a seamless and secure user experience. This includes adhering to outlined API standards, maintaining data privacy, and ensuring the integration complements Gusto's features. Detailed technical and security requirements are provided to assist developers in creating robust integrations that meet Gusto's expectations and safeguard user data.

Listing Requirements

Gusto's App Directory listing requirements specify that partners must submit accurate and detailed information about their app. This includes providing high-resolution images and adhering to the specified dimensions and formats, ensuring that their visual elements are displayed optimally on the platform. Additionally, apps must include clear pricing information if applicable, allowing Gusto users to make informed decisions about potential costs associated with the integration.