FullStory Technology Partner Directory

Partner Program Summary

The FullStory Technology Partner Program is designed to foster collaborations with other technology providers to offer complementary software integrations that enrich FullStory’s customer experience and analytics capabilities. Partners in the program receive various benefits such as co-marketing opportunities, sales enablement, and technical support to build integrations that leverage FullStory’s detailed user insights.

Integration Requirements

To build integrations with FullStory, partners are required to adhere to the specifications outlined in the server API documentation. This involves sending the right data to FullStory’s APIs in the correct format to ensure seamless integration and functionality within the FullStory platform.

Listing Requirements

For app marketplace listings, partners are required to provide marketing material that follows FullStory’s guidelines. This includes submitting high-quality images, such as logos and UI screenshots. Logos should be in .png or .jpg format with a minimum resolution of 1200x630 pixels, while UI screenshots are recommended to have a minimum width of 1200 pixels for optimal display. Any videos provided should be hosted externally and linked within the listing. The Partner Marketing Guide, which publicly accessible documents refer to, outlines specific design templates and messaging frameworks to ensure consistency and brand alignment. As for pricing information, the guide suggests including a clear and transparent pricing model in the listing, whether it’s a free add-on or a paid integration, to facilitate decision-making for potential customers.