Eventbrite App Marketplace

Partner Program Summary

The Eventbrite Partner Program is designed for app creators and service providers who wish to build integrations with the Eventbrite platform. Partners can leverage Eventbrite's APIs to create apps that provide additional features and services to event creators. By joining the program, partners gain access to development tools, the ability to reach millions of Eventbrite users, marketing opportunities, and dedicated support for using the Eventbrite API. The program aims to foster a community of partners developing innovative solutions for event creators and attendees.

Integration Requirements

To integrate an app with Eventbrite, developers must use Eventbrite's APIs and follow the guidelines detailed in publicly available documentation. This includes adhering to API rate limits, using OAuth token authentication for user data access, maintaining high-security standards, and ensuring a seamless user experience within the Eventbrite ecosystem. Developers are also required to provide a detailed app description and privacy policy, clearly stating how users' data will be used.

Listing Requirements

For an app to be listed on the Eventbrite App Marketplace, it must meet specific criteria regarding branding, user experience, and technical performance, as outlined in the app approval process documentation. This includes providing high-resolution icons (at least 512x512 pixels in size) and promotional images (recommended size of 1200x628 pixels, in PNG or JPEG format), which adhere to Eventbrite's branding guidelines. Videos are not mentioned as a requirement in the listing process. Furthermore, all app listings must clearly display any associated costs, and if the app uses Eventbrite's payment processing, the listing must detail the pricing accurately, including any transaction fees.