Bitly Apps and Integrations Marketplace

Partner Program Summary

The Bitly Partner Program is designed for businesses wishing to expand their service offerings and build integrations with Bitly. The program allows partners to create more cutting-edge solutions by leveraging Bitly's powerful link management capabilities. Partners can benefit from co-marketing opportunities provided by Bitly and access to Bitly's extensive customer base, aiming to grow their user base and increase adoption of their apps.

Integration Requirements

For integrations within the Bitly platform, publicly available documentation specifies that developers should use Bitly’s API v4. The integration should enable users to create Bitly links within the context of the partner's app, ensuring a seamless user experience. It is also required that the integration adheres to all Bitly API terms and conditions and maintains a user-friendly interface that complements the Bitly service.

Listing Requirements

The Bitly Apps and Integrations Marketplace requires that listings include certain specific elements to ensure a consistent and informative experience for users. Listings must feature a name, logo, and description of the app's functionality and benefits. Any branding or promotional materials should be consistent with Bitly's brand guidelines. If applicable, pricing information should be transparent and presented clearly on the listing to inform potential users about the cost of using the integration.