Attentive Technology Partners

Partner Program Summary

The Attentive Technology Partners program is designed to help partners build integrations and apps that complement Attentive's messaging platform. Partners gain access to cutting-edge technology, strategic alignment, and co-marketing opportunities. By joining the program, partners can deepen their relationship with Attentive and its customers, enhancing their visibility and credibility in the ecosystem.

Integration Requirements

To build an integration with Attentive, partners should ensure that their application is secure, performs efficiently, and provides a valuable user experience. Integrations are expected to follow best practices in API consumption and provide clear documentation for end users. Partners must also handle customer data responsibly and in compliance with regulatory standards.

Listing Requirements

App Marketplace listings must include succinct, informative descriptions and high-quality images. Images should be submitted as JPEG or PNG files with a recommended size of 680x680 pixels. Listings should include any pricing information if applicable. Each app listed on Attentive’s Marketplace is required to be transparent about the costs involved, whether it includes free features or if a purchase is necessary to use the app.