Aircall Integrations

Partner Program Summary

The Aircall App Marketplace Partner Program fosters collaboration between Aircall and technology partners who seek to build integrations that enhance the Aircall experience. Partners gain access to cutting-edge API capabilities, co-marketing opportunities, and support from the Aircall team. The program aims to create valuable connections, simplify workflows, and ultimately deliver better services to shared customers.

Integration Requirements

To build an integration with Aircall, developers must adhere to API guidelines outlined in the publicly available documentation. These requirements include ensuring the integration complies with Aircall's security standards, manages API rate limits, and provides a seamless user experience. Upon integration completion, partners are expected to maintain and update their integrations as needed.

Listing Requirements

For listing an app on the Aircall Marketplace, there are specific image requirements to consider. Imagery must be professional and accurately represent the app's functionality. If applicable, a video showcasing the integration can be added to the listing. The listing must also include detailed descriptions, benefits, and steps for configuration. Any pricing information, if applicable, should be transparently communicated to inform users effectively.