ActiveCampaign Apps & Integrations

Partner Program Summary

The ActiveCampaign App Partner Program is a collaborative ecosystem designed for developers to build integrations and apps that provide additional functions and services to the ActiveCampaign platform. Partnering with ActiveCampaign enables developers to showcase their solutions to a broad customer base, leverage ActiveCampaign's branding, and potentially improve their product's visibility and credibility. The program aims to enrich the ActiveCampaign experience by offering users a diverse range of integrated tools and services.

Integration Requirements

Integrations for ActiveCampaign must be built to comply with publicly available documentation that specifies guidelines for API usage, building a sync process, ensuring data consistency, and providing a clear and streamline user experience. The integration should not only enrich the ActiveCampaign ecosystem but also maintain operational robustness and data security practices.

Listing Requirements

In ActiveCampaign's App Marketplace, app listings require specific types of images, following size and format guidelines. Though specific image sizes and formats are not detailed here, it is standard for marketplaces to request high-quality images that reflect the app's branding and functionality. Additionally, information about videos is not specified, but typically videos would need to be professionally produced, demonstrating the utility and interface of the app or integration. As for pricing information, it is common for app listings to include pricing details to inform potential users of any associated costs upfront; however, publicly accessible documents do not explicitly detail this requirement for the ActiveCampaign App Marketplace.