Platform Partnerships That Get Measured, Get Managed

The list of ‘product’ companies that have committed to become ‘platform’ companies is short. The list of ‘product’ companies that have successfully become ‘platform’ companies is even shorter.

A Platform Isn’t A Platform Without An “Idea Network”

Hand axes were made to a pretty unvarying design for over a million years — 30,000 generations — whilst computer mice were invented less than a century ago and already have evolved to the point of being obsolete.

What is a Platform?

From enabling passengers to embark and disembark trains, to vertebra-crushing shoes, and operating systems like Microsoft Windows, “platform” has been used to describe many different things, in many different contexts, over a long period of time.

Partner Program Design

What Technology Platforms Can Learn from McDonald’s

If you’ve never eaten a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, or McMuffin, chances are you know someone who has.