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Heedjy brings ecosystem-as-a-service to SaaS startups

Hugh Durkin
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Most successful B2B SaaS businesses encounter the “buy it or build it” dilemma as they amass enough integrations to warrant an app marketplace. Heedjy hope to make “buy” the default option.

Emilie Gieler, CEO and founder of Heedjy, spent many years tackling “buy it or build it” choices throughout her career, most recently as VP Platform & UX at omnichannel commerce company, Akeneo. Unlike most other digital products she found there is no off-the-shelf template for an app marketplace. Until now.


Heedjy is an all-in-one solution for startups and scaleups to quickly - and cheaply - build an app directory with app submission flows, approval workflows, analytics, support features and more.

It’s a single interface to centralize all app marketplace operations, and for most B2B SaaS businesses will likely replace a myriad of not-fit-for-purpose tools including Trello and Google Sheets.

Making the app submission process self-service for developers removes complexity for Platform Partnerships teams, and puts the onus on ecosystem participants to ensure listings are up to date, consistent, and match the requirements of each partner program.

The solution also includes the ability to create Certification processes and allow customers submit ratings and reviews - essential to bridge the trust gap during the customer discovery journey.

Heedjy offer a 30 day early access account at

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