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GitHub Copilot generates up to 46% of all code (but you're not out of a job)

Hugh Durkin
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News just in from GitHub: your new pair programming compadre is a friendly bot that likes to wear aviation goggles and sizeable headphones.

In a blog post announcing GitHub Copilot for Business, some pretty incredible stats were sprinkled around. 46% of all code created using GitHub Copilot is accepted by developers across all programming languages. That’s up from 27% in June of last year.


If you prefer your code in caffeinated form (Java pun, sorry), you might be in the cohort of developers accepting 61% of suggestions from Copilot.

This is crazy and insane all at once. A model trained on publicly available GitHub repositories is clearing a time-saving path for developers working with private and public repositories. Of course, this being the year of ChatGPT, OpenAI is involved.

It’s no wonder 75% of developers feel more fulfilled, and 90% report completing tasks faster - Copilot feels like a combination of productivity and education in one developer product.

In addition to the fun stats, GitHub also shared details of new capabilities for businesses - including vulnerability filtering, VPN proxy support, and business license assignment.

Check out the announcement here.

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