We're obsessed with helping businesses grow through app marketplaces.

Our team built successful app marketplaces, app partner programs, and product partnerships at Facebook, HubSpot, and Intercom. We leverage this experience to help SaaS businesses accelerate their growth through app marketplaces. Whether launching a new marketplace, scaling an existing one, or building a robust partner program, we're passionate about empowering your success.

- Hugh Durkin, Founder of product screenshot

The Challenge

Whether you're a SaaS business aiming to expand your reach through app marketplaces or an established marketplace looking to scale, building an app marketplace strategy can be overwhelming.

Our Solution

For SaaS businesses, we streamline listing distribution and optimization. For marketplaces, we provide tools to drive partner success, gain actionable market intelligence, and ensure seamless integrations.

Integrations Expertise

Building the right integrations the right way is crucial. Our team provides expert guidance to ensure your integrations are strategically scoped, technically sound, and optimized for growth.

A Decade of Success

Our team's deep experience building successful app marketplaces and app partner programs at Facebook, HubSpot, and Intercom translates into practical, tailored solutions.

From a team that launched app marketplaces and app partner programs at


“I was incredibly fortunate to persuade Hugh to join me in 2017 to lay the foundation of our App Partner Program at HubSpot. Hugh is one of the rare individuals who understands both the product-side and the partnership-side of successful platform ecosystems. He set an inspiring, high-level platform vision, but he also deeply understands the actual mechanics of how to deliver on that potential.”

Scott Brinker
Scott Brinker
VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot
HubSpot Logo

“During our time working together I was constantly amazed by Hugh's creativity, focus and ability to execute on the projects he felt were important for us to pursue. My favorite is the work Hugh did with companies like Paypal on their Facebook integrations. He has an incredible natural understanding of what makes products good for users.”

Richard O'Connell
Richard O'Connell
Partnerships at Box

“His vision and focus has helped build the developer platform team from the ground up and he's done a fantastic job of fostering a strong, aligned, cross-functional team. Hugh is great at building relationships, both inside and outside the company, as demonstrated by the many partnerships he has helped Intercom develop with other leading companies, as well as his many contacts in the industry.”

Jasmine Jaume
Jasmine Jaume
PM Director at Intercom

“Hugh is an incredible product, partnership and program leader. Thanks to his thought leadership and strategic guidance he has cultivated and delivered on an ambitious and impactful product roadmap and early stage ecosystem. Intercom now has good relationships with many top tier partners like Slack, Atlassian, Shopify, and Microsoft. This would not have happened without him.”

Tom Richards
Tom Richards
PM at Intercom/Meta

“Hugh was Sr Product Manager on the Developer Platform team at Intercom for my first year with the company, and he introduced me to a ways of thinking about platforms that I've carried forward in my work to this day. He's passionate about what he does, and he led a team that was always a pleasure to work with — open, friendly, and deeply engaged and collaborative..”

Elizabeth McGuane
Elizabeth McGuane
UX Director at Shopify

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